At PHYT For Function LLC, we bring passion and dedication to improving human movement in order to enhance the way you live, play and perform.
We believe quality movement is about optimizing the function of the nervous system. We evaluate you for compensatory patterns that may be from old injuries, nerve sensitization, vestibular issues, acute or chronic inflammatory processes or improper training practices. We then work with you one on one using advanced manual therapy skills including Integrative Dry Needling, joint mobilization and manipulation, cupping and other soft tissue therapies to improve local circulation, reduce inflammation, improve muscle activation, and reduce pain. A movement-based exercise program is then designed specifically for you based on your needs to reinforce the benefits of the manual therapy and prevent the return of unwanted pain, muscle guarding and tightness. Small group training classes are also offered for a more structured, long-term learning experience. All individual sessions and group training offerings are with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a convenient, uniform continuum of care.
Whether you suffer from headaches, migraines or joint pain, or are looking to set a pain free PR in your next event, let PHYT help you maximize your movement potential.

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