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Serving the Cleveland and Akron areas and several states nationwide since 1995, E.A. Loxley & Associates is a tax and accounting firm located in historic Hudson, Ohio. As accountants specializing in small business and individual taxation, we pride ourselves on the responsiveness and quality of our firm. E.A. Loxley & Associates is a partner to our business clients and friend to the individuals we serve. We never lose sight of the simple premise that your accountant's prosperity is tied to yours, and we are there to guide you through the difficult terrain of your personal and business finances by helping you formulate and execute a plan. As a fellow business owner, we understand that your time is valuable. We take the headaches out of your paperwork, so you can get back to running your business. Most of our services are available online, eliminating much of the need for office appointments. Bookkeeping and tax data transfer, payroll, important deadlines, your tax organizer, even incorporation services are available from our website. When your needs require a face-to-face visit, or you simply want a few moments of our time, we'll come to your offices to meet with you. Take some time and explore our website, and see the wide range of services E.A. Loxley & Associates has to offer. Then, call our offices today for a free consultation, or simply use the contact form, and we'll call you. Be sure to sign up for our Free Newsletter while you're there.